Our investments take the form of share capital or different loan instruments. We undertake both majority and minority investments.

Investments are not restricted to particular branches or companies in a particular phase of development.

We invest in companies whose turnover is between 1 – 30 MEUR in Central Finland.

Requirements for potential investees:

  • Potential for value creation
  • Considerable growth potential either organically or through acquisitions or internationalisation
  • Own products or services
  • An experienced, entrepreneur-driven and committed management
  • In early growth state companies, we expect that the first customer must already be in view

Current investments

  • Aiwo Digital Oy

    AI solutions


  • C2 SmartLight Oy

    Solutions and Services for Mobile-based Command, Control and Information Systems for Lighting


  • Ficonic Solutions Ltd

    Connectivity solutions for safe communication for automotive, marine and IoT


  • Ficote Oy

    Sewer cleaning vehicles and bin washers


  • Humap Software Oy

    Digital facilitation platform for consultants and facilitators


  • Oviku Oy

    Secure locks


  • Pisla Group Oy

    Wholesale Trade in Ironware and Interior Decoration Items


  • Polarmatic Oy

    Heating systems and process automation for concrete industry


  • Rotomon Oy

    Pipe and Chamber Factory


  • Sleipner Group Oy

    Excavators and front shovels


  • Stafix Oy

    High-tech Printing Materials


  • Suomen KotiData

    IT Support services for households and small companies


  • Tridify

    Virtual reality solutions for sales and marketing


  • Valttori

    Service and maintenance for heavy machinery


  • 3D Formtech

    Industrial 3D printing


Exited investments

CompanyInitial InvestmentExitedExit type
A-Lab Oy20032015Sale to Management
Ahortech Oy20082012Other
Aidon Oy20042013Sale to Another Private Equity Investor
Buildercom Oy20032012Sale to Management
Caprotek Oy19982008Trade Sale
Cinos Solutions Oy20072012Other
Codewise Oy20052009Trade Sale
Doseco Oy20012007Sale to Management
Ecore Oy20082017Other
Energiakolmio Oy20122014Sale to Another Private Equity Investor
Flaaming Oy20082017Trade Sale
Greenvironment Oy20052013Other
Humap Oy20012008Sale to Management
Inka Oy20052015Sale to Management
JPP-Soft Oy20042009Trade Sale
Jydacom Oy20022010Sale to Management
JyNet Oy20152017Other
Kaluste-Projektit Oy20062013Sale to Management
Kilosoft Oy20022015Trade Sale
Komas Oy20022006Sale to Another Private Equity Investor
Metacase Consulting Oy19942017Sale to Management
Paytrail Oyj20142014Trade Sale
Pisla Oy20042015Sale to Management
Proactum Oy20072009Sale to Management
Produal Oy20082012Sale to Another Private Equity Investor
Relicomp Oy20002011Sale to Management
Seewide Service Oy19982014Other
Silenta Group Oy20162018Trade Sale
Skillnet Oy20002006Trade Sale
Soikea Solutions Oy20132016Trade Sale
SopValm Oy20062008Repayment of Loans
Stresstech Oy19972006/2012Sale to Management
Suomen Puheentunnistus Oy20062013Other
Tampulping Oy20072011Trade Sale
Tikomet Oy20032013Sale to Another Private Equity Investor
Tikka Spikes Oy20032008Trade Sale
TTP-Yhtiöt Oy20052008Sale to Another Private Equity House
Tuottotieto Oy20022008Sale to Management
Valueframe Oy20012006Sale to Management
WTS Wireless Technology Systems Oy20002002Trade Sale
ZenPark Oy20022006Trade Sale